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My name is Christopher. I’m a freelance interactive designer based in Nova Scotia.

Welcome to my corner of my internet. This is my online workspace, a place to archive the work I do, blog about the things I enjoy and offer both free & premium designs. If you are looking for a designer, some advice, or resources to use with your own creative content, you should be able to find something to suit your fancy here. If you need a custom website and/or branding and are looking to hire a designer, I am currently available for freelance.

I create logos/identities, I build websites/blogs my clients can manage themselves, I produce creative online content; I like to work with my clients each step of the way toward getting their business online. Over the years I’ve filled a lot of shoes, from print designer to database architect; I’ve worked on everything from board games to social media campaigns. I do my best to be a versatile guy, someone you can ask, “Is there a way to achieve that, on this budget?” and expect knowledgeable, practical & creative solutions from. If you want to work with someone who knows his stuff, makes it easy for you understand, and is good at finding clever solutions that achieve measurable goals, I’m your man. I’ve been doing freelance web design for about a decade now. I really enjoy working with start ups and small-medium sized businesses.

If you’d like to work together (or just have a chat) feel free to fill out the ‘Start A Project’ Form or email me directly. Look forward to hearing from you.

My Skills

WordPress development
PHP programming
Sound design
Data Architecture
Somewhat Proficient
Very Proficient

I do most of my work with a tool called WordPress. It allows me to build websites that my clients can very easily update themselves. This is where I really specialize.

I also do a lot of work creating print graphics, logos, and multimedia. My focus in my work is always to create clean, usable design that serves its content.

To the left you can find a detailed breakdown of my skillsets.


A little bit more about me and my own creative work

I do my best to exercise my noggin on my own time as well. In recent years I’ve been collaborating with some very talented people to produce graphic novels, musical albums, short films and even online games. Below are a few examples of personal projects I am currently working on.

Sounds Like An Earful is a podcast I started in 2011. It began as an interesting way to explore sound design & music theory but has now grown into a pretty general exploration of life, sound & asking questions I’m not sure have answers. We have a small team working on the show and are currently producing the second series. Our first episode should air later this year, with the rest of the series being released in early 2013. Find out more at

We Ain’t Friends is an ongoing collaboration with my good friend, and very talented illustrator, Colleen Mckeown. We work together (and argue a lot) to create comic books, short films and other handmade goodies. For a few months we had been producing a collaboration every week, but we’ve since stopped and are currently working on a larger interactive stop-motion film project. Find out more at

More info coming soon